Objective:This program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and technical skills needed to pursue entry-level employment in the health care industry as Patient Care Technicians. Students in the Patient Care Technician program will be instructed in, among other things, patient assistance, geriatric care and nursing assistance.

Description: With a focus on patient care skills and life-long learning, graduates of the Patient Care Technician program will be positioned to have the skills and dispositions needed to effectively meet workplace demands. Prior to graduation, students are required to complete 60 hours in a health care setting which provides hands on training in the field. Clinical Sites require students to have completed a criminal background check and medical examination and may also require a drug screen, proof of immunizations or other requirements.

Course Description Hours
AH1010 Introduction to Allied Health

This course is intended to provide students with an introduction to the Allied Health profession. The student will complete exercises in spelling, writing and grammar all related to the medical field. Proper punctuation, capitalization and abbreviations will also be emphasized.



Articulated Nursing Assistant
This course prepares students to assist patients in the following: perform physical comfort and safety functions, provide personal patient care, patient care procedures, principles of infection control, special needs patients and biological and psychological support.



Advanced Home Health Aide with CPR Training

This course prepares the student to use written and verbal communication specific to the home health aide, perform physical comfort and safety functions specific to the home health aides, and understand the principles of infection control specific to the home health aide and CPR Training.



Patient Care Assistant

This course will prepare students to assist patients with many tasks that they cannot do for themselves while they are in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, assisted living facilities, nursing homes or long-term care facilities.

AH1030 Phlebotomy and Hematology

This course provides instruction and practice for venipuncture. Course content includes circulatory system anatomy and physiology, how to obtain blood specimens, equipment maintenance and safety issues. Routine specimen collection and laboratory functions are also explored. The student will also be introduced to hematology and basic lab procedures used in hematology studies including blood chemistry and microscopic examinations. Course content also includes coverage of related medical terminology along with the appropriate anatomy and physiology.

PCT160 Respiratory Therapy Aide

This course is part of the Allied Health Assistant component of the program. Students in this course will learn to perform respiratory aide skills, adjust and operate equipment such as: aerosol inhalers resuscitators, mechanical ventilators and oxygen tanks with their accompanying hoses and gauges, in the health care setting.

AH1020 Electrocardiography and Diagnostic Imaging

This course provides instruction in the performance of electrocardiograms and diagnostic imaging procedures in the physician’s office. Emphasis is placed on preparing patients and informing them of the procedures. The student will perform multichannel/automatic electrocardiography, mount and ECG tracing and identify artifacts. The course will also introduce students to the concepts surrounding radiology and diagnostic imaging. Students will become aware of the three types of radiology and their uses in the ambulatory care setting. Student will be instructed in Radiation safety.

PCT210 Occupational Therapy and Geriatric Aide

This course is part of the Advanced Allied Health Assistant component of the program. Students in this course will perform occupational aide skills, assist patients with activities and exercises in a treatment plan developed by an Occupational Therapist. The student will also learn how to perform geriatric skills in the health care setting, recognize symptoms of common diseases of the geriatric patient, as well as the use of verbal and written communications specific to the nursing assistant.

PCT109 Patient Care Technician/Externship

In this course, students will participate in a 100 hour, non-paid, supervised work in a facility appropriate to the application skills learned in the curriculum, gaining practical experience in the skills required to take the Certified Nursing Exam.