Objective:The program is designed to prepare students for entry-level position as a Medical Assistant in a private physician’s office or clinic. This program offers a broad foundation of knowledge and skills, expanding the traditional role of the Medical Assistant to include front and back office skills.

Description: The program focuses on a broad range of skills necessary for the medical office, which include: admissions, vital signs, assessment, preparing patients for physical examinations and/or treatment, performing lab work, operating diagnostic equipment and performing EKGs.

Course Description Hours
MA101 Medical Terminology

This course provides instruction on the basic structure of medical words, including prefixes, suffixes, roots and combining forms and plurals. Correct pronunciation, spelling and the definition of medical terms will be covered.



Medical Office Management
This course provides instruction in fundamentals of the operation and maintenance of a medical office. This instruction will include use of computerized software for medical office. Student will learn bookkeeping principles, perform procedural and diagnostic coding, document and maintain accounting and banking records. Medical ethic, legal concepts and liabilities, HIPPA rules and regulations, professionalism and communication skills will be covered.



Anatomy & Physiology

This course provides an introduction to the various systems of the body and principals of human physiology. The course will include the study of the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, urinary, endocrine, and integumentary and reproductive systems.



Word Processing and Business English (Keyboarding)

This course provides the fundamentals of the operation of a computer keyboard and the basics of working processing. The instruction will include learning the basic functions and operations of a computer, learning keyboarding skills up to a required speed and accuracy and typing professional documents as a word document.

MA105 Clinical Procedure

This course will provide skills and knowledge for the student to assist practitioner with various aspects of the clinical practice. This course initially includes 4 hrs of HIV/AIDS/OSHA training. These skills will include patient care, preparation for examination as well as procedures, treatments and diagnostic testing. Students will apply principles of aseptic technique, infection control, EKG's, equipment use, and care and routine maintenance. First aid and pharmacology appropriate to the module will be presented.

MA106 Laboratory Procedures I

This course constitutes an introduction to clinical chemistry, equipment and basic laboratory diagnostic testing of urine and serum. The student will learn the chemical, physical and microscopic examination of urine through laboratory experience and lecture. The student will learn the proper collection technique of specimens for laboratory testing. Pharmacology appropriate to the module, including HIV/AIDS will be discussed.

MA107 Laboratory Procedures II

This course introduces the student to the origin and morphology of blood cells. Normal and abnormal functions of the blood cells will be covered. The students will also receive instruction both in the laboratory and lecture to the proper collection, testing and significance of laboratory tests. Pharmacology appropriate to the module will be presented.

MA108 Clinical Externship

Pre-Requisites: completion of all courses in the MA program. This course includes an extern preparation course including a CPR course (5 hours) BLS 100 and the preparation of documentation required before beginning at an official extern site and healthcare facility. This course is designed to simulate the working environment of a health care facility as closely as possible. The student will be placed in a physician's office, clinic, hospital or other suitable facility to practice and enhance their clinical and administrative skills. The student will be supervised by the physician or other qualified health-care practitioner and will experience various aspects of the medical facility.